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Social Ventures Inc.TM  creates, incubates and acquires socially responsible companies that directly or indirectly benefit humanity.  We know how to bootstrap organizations and make them successful.


Social Ventures Inc.TM works with a number of Private Equity firms to acquire and grow already established companies.


To support our mission, the company gives a percentage of its revenue to philanthropic organizations under three groups:


We carefully select organizations that are driven with pure humanitarian intentions without political, racial, gender, religious or any separatist agendas.  Our Goal is simple:

1. Make a positive difference in society
2. Show that for-profit companies can be change agents, as well.

We believe... 

Change starts from within.
We select portfolio companies that are truly beneficial to society and assist them in becoming socially responsible entities, if they are not already.

Actions speak louder than words. 
One thing that sets Social Ventures Inc.TM apart that we donate based on gross revenues rather than net revenues or profits.  Through our commitment to making  a positive difference, we place benefiting philanthropic organizations over profits in some cases.

Small steps are better than no-steps. 
Even as a start-up, our company has already made a difference for many.  We have helped save many lives and directly contributed to over 200 entrepreneurs and portfolio companies around the world.